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Current Assistants


Channing Clemons-Castanos

Channing is a graduate student majoring in Psychology at Sacramento State who is planning to graduate in 2024. Channing is interested in studying consensual non-monogamy (CNM), specifically polyamory. Once completing the master's program at CSUS, Channing plans to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology.


Fun Facts: Channing was a fashion model for over 6 years, is a co-creator of an organization called SOULidaridad that is dedicated to promoting social equity and serving local migrant, farm-working families, and is obsessed with the outdoors and camping.


Shiyu Zhong

Shiyu is a graduate student majoring in psychology at Sac State. Shiyu is interested in diversity, family relationships, and novel treatments/assessments for minorities or severe/rare mental disorders. Shiyu plans to pursue her doctorate in clinical psychology after finishing the master’s program at Sac State.


Fun Facts: Shiyu speaks Four languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hakka. She enjoys DIY in her spare time and recently loves to ski.

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Annicka Nichols


Annicka is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology at Sacramento State, who is planning to graduate in Spring 2024. After graduation, Annicka plans to take a year off to be involved in an internship and travel more; before she applies to the Licensed Marriage Family Therapist Master's Program (LMFT). 


Fun Facts: Annicka is a private swim coach for kids ranging from infants all the way to 14 years old. She also nannies, tutors, babysits, and housesits when she has the time. Annicka enjoys finding moments to be grounded in nature, and hiking new spots.

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Emily Cisneros-Salas

Emily is an undergraduate student majoring in psychology at Sacramento State. She is interested in studying counseling psychology to help individuals with mental health. She plans to pursue a master's in counseling after receiving her bachelor's in psychology.

Fun facts: Emily is a first-generation Latina student. She enjoys thrifting, journaling, and coloring.


Hannah Tabada


Hannah is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology at Sacramento State who is planning to graduate in 2024. She is interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy after graduation. 


Fun facts: Hannah enjoys reading fantasy/sci-fi books. She also used to have a stick-shift beetle that she loved so much until it broke down. She loves music and going to concerts as well. 


Rachel Luz

Rachel is in her final year of undergrad in Psychology at Sac State and is graduating in Spring 2024. Rachel has an interest in expressive arts therapy and interpersonal relationships. After graduation, Rachel plans to pursue a Master’s degree.

Fun Facts: Rachel is a professional painter and artist. Rachel enjoys oils, watercolors, inks, and her main muses are nature and the human form.

Previous Semesters

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Spring 2024
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Spring 2023
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Spring 2022
Fall 2020
Spring 2020
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May Adler


Shannan Field


Sabrina Jackson-Zambon

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