Current Assistants


May Adler

May is a senior Psychology major at Sacramento State. She is set to graduate in the spring of 2022. She is interested in pursuing a Masters degree of Clinical Psychology through a Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program. May is interested in Clinical Psychology, Counseling, and Animal- Assisted Therapy. May is also a co-founder of the Israeli-Jewish Association club at Sacramento State.  


Fun Fact: May was born and raised in Israel, and her native language is Hebrew.   


Channing Clemons-Castanos

Channing is a graduate student majoring in Psychology at Sacramento State who is planning to graduate in 2024. Channing is interested in studying consensual non-monogamy (CNM), specifically polyamory. Once completing the master's program at CSUS, Channing plans to pursue her doctorates in clinical psychology.


Fun Facts: Channing was a fashion model for over 6 years, is a co-creator of an organization called SOULidaridad that is dedicated to promoting social equity and serving local migrant families, and is obsessed with the outdoors and camping.


Shannan Field

Shannan is a Psychology major at California State University, Sacramento. She is set to graduate in Spring of 2022. Shannan is interested in pursuing a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and Licensed Professional Clinical Counseling in Fall of 2022. She also hopes to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology.

Fun Fact: Shannan enjoys playing arena softball and once played on 7 teams a week! She also likes spending time outdoors with her dog, Charlie.


Sabrina Jackson-Zambon

Sabrina is a psychology major (LGTBQ minor) at California State University, Sacramento. They will graduate in spring 2022 and look forward to earning a PhD in clinical psychology. Sabrina is interested in sex therapy and sex education and hopes to bring somatic sex education into the empirical world of study as an evidence-based treatment for our nation's active-duty military and veterans.


Fun fact: Sabrina enjoys dancing with fire, acrobatics, and playing with their chocolate Labrador retriever.

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